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Regulation_of_Cryptoassets.png Regulation of Cryptoassests
1 General Hour

Presenter: Carol Goforth

The webinar will introduce attorneys into the world of cryptoassets, including bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies as well as similar assets designed with other functions in mind. It id designed to explain why so many federal regulatory agencies are concerned about such assets, and how they are currently regulating them. It mentions, but does not cover in detail, both state and international efforts at regulation and coordination as well.
A_Judges_Perspective.png A Judge's Perspective
1 General Hour

Presenter: Judge Kristine Baker

The Judge will discuss the State of the Docket in regards to what types of employment law cases are being filed, Federal Rule of Civil Procedure, Discovery, Motions for Summary Judgment plus more.
Civil_Right_Students_with_Disabilities_in_Public_Schools.jpg Students with Disabilities in Public Schools
1 General Hour

Presenters: Mary Claire Hyatt & Courtney Salas-Ford

Presenters will discuss various issues related to serving students with disabilities in public schools, including how to navigate complex student discipline issues, the interplay of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and changes to State education laws from the 2019 legislative session.

Civil_Rights_Prison_Litigation.jpg Prison Litigation
1 General Hour

Presenter: Christine A. Cryer

This session will include updates in caselaw from both the 8th?Circuit, as well as? ? ? trends around the United States, regarding inmate litigation, with a focus on the? ? First, Eighth, and Fourteenth Amendment.
Ethics_Changing_Rules_for_Changing_Times.jpg Changing Rules for Changing Times
1 Ehtics Hour

Presenter: Jordan? Bates-Rogers?

Presenter will discuss the state of access to justice in Arkansas, rule changes and proposed changes that the Access to Justice Commission spearheaded to improve the Arkansas judicial system, including: limited scope representation, judicial accommodations for pro se parties, CLE for pro bono work, and pro bono practice by retired and voluntary inactive attorneys.

How_to_Talk_to_Someone_in_Crisis.png How to Talk to Someone in Crisis
1 General Hour

Presenter: Michael Rexford

Do you know, or have you known, anyone with depression, anxiety or any other mental health issue and/or a problem with alcohol or other substances? Do you know anyone whose stressors appear to potentially exceed his/her ability to cope with them? This presentation will (a) inform you about warning signs and risk factors, (b) equip you with considerations to bear in mind when concerned about, approaching and talking to someone in crisis, (c) present a simulated conversation designed to train you how to talk to someone in crisis, and (d) help you recognize when further help is advisable/required.
60_Legal_Tech_Tips__Tricks__Gadgets_and_Websites_in_60_Minutes.png 60 Legal Tech Tips, Tricks, Gadgets and Websites in 60 Minutes
1 General Hour

Presenter: Barron K. Henley

The best of legal technology, practice management, electronics and incredibly useful websites for lawyers. This rapid-fire, entertaining hour is full of great ideas you can immediately incorporate into your practice
Fastcase_Training.png Fastcase Training
1 General Hour

Presenter: Cathy Underwood

A broad overview of Fastcase.

All the Different Ways to Transfer Assets at Death
1 General Hour

Presenter: Timothy Russell

This program details the many different ways to transfer a deceased person's
assets to the heirs.? It explains contracts between the deceased and financial institutions, such as Payable On Death designations (POD).

Construction_Contracts_101.png Construction Contracts 101
1 General Hour

Presenter: J.B. Cross

This is a survey of construction contract issues for the General Practitioner. The webinar covers the most prevalent sources for construction contracts with an explanation.


Recent Developments in Copyright and Trademark Law
1 General Hour

Presenter: Rashauna Norment

Recent Developments in Copyright and Trademark Law” covers several notable updates and changes in copyright and trademark law. For copyright law, the United States Supreme Court clarified the “registration approach” prior to filing a copyright infringement complaint, and the U.S. Copyright Office has modified procedures for electronically filing copyright applications. For trademark law, United States Supreme Court clarified that the disparagement clause in the Lanham Act violates the Free Speech clause of the First Amendment, and a discussion of various other cases involving acquired distinctiveness and collateral estoppel.


MIGA (Make Immigration Great Again)
1 General Hour

Presenter: Misty Borkowski

The purpose of this webinar is to provide an update on Immigration.


Handling Unemployment Claims and Appeals
1 General Hour

Presenter: Danna Young

The purpose of this webinar is to provide an overview of the unemployment compensation system in Arkansas.


Civility in Law Part One: Trends and Civility Issues
1 Ethics Hour

Presenter: Dr. Candice Dowd Barnes & Todd Parker

The first part of the series will introduce the trends of civility and incivility over the past ten years. Important facts and statistics will highlight how the civility has affected every institution in America, and especially those systems that focus on law and education. Participants will engage in interactive activities designed to engage evidentiary reasoning and critical thinking about how one defines and re-frames civility for oneself and one's client(s). The session is founded on the intersection of cultural humility and civility, and how that intersection helps to build a high-performance relationship between attorney and client.


Civility in Law Part Two: Intersection of Humility and Civility
1 Ethics Hour

Presenter: Dr. Candice Dowd Barnes & Todd Parker

This highlights the touchstones of part one. This session will delve deeper into the intersection of civility and laws, and the impact of civility with clients and colleagues. The session will frame a discussion around a role-play or scenario between a client and attorney that demonstrates the elements of cultural humility and civility. Participants will also engage in the "On the Table" activity. This activity is designed to engage participants in a discussion about how their various and diverse identities influence presumptions and assumptions that might affect the relationships.


Civility in Law Part Three: Civility and Personality
1 Ethics Hour

Presenter: Dr. Candice Dowd Barnes & Todd Parker

The session provides strategies and concepts to engage in difficult conversations, and do so with civility. This session will also provide a deep understanding of the conflict and discussion styles that contribute to genuine interactions, and understand the complexities that shape how we build relationships with those of similar and dissimilar cultural identities.?The activity in this session will draw upon the “On the Table” activity from part two, but will allows for a deeper discussion on the influence of personality.


2019 Overtime Final Rule
1 General Hour

Presenter: Tim Steadman

In 2016, a federal district court in Texas enjoined a proposed rule that would have substantially increased the minimum salary level for employees classified as exempt under the executive, administrative, and professional exemptions. After a change in presidential administration and another round of notice and comment, the minimum salary level is finally going up starting January 1, 2020 (by a lesser amount than proposed in 2016). The DOL estimates that 1.3 million more workers will be entitled to overtime once the rule takes effect. Listen in to hear about the background leading up to the rule, thoughts about whether the rule will be challenged again, and some of the issues with the Rule’s framework.


Ethics & Social Media for Lawyers - Not an Oxymoron
1 Ethics Hour

Presenter: Kathleen McDonald


The World's Greatest Breaches and What to Do About Them
1 General Hour

Presenters: Anton Janik & Mandy Stanton

What do the world’s greatest data breaches teach you and your clients? This presentation discusses the Arkansas Personal Information Protection Act and touches upon several relevant federal regulations while analyzing eight well-known data breaches, with a focus on what went wrong, what could have been done to prevent them, how the breach notification and disclosure were handled and mishandled, and concludes with a series of actionable tips that you can use with your clients when planning how to prevent and appropriately respond to a data breach.?


LGBTQ Discrimination Claims Under Title VII: Advising Your Clients in Uncertain Times
1 General Hour

Presenter: Abtin Mehdizadegan

Adopting_Cutting-Edge_Technology.png Adopting Cutting-Edge Technology to Grow Profitability
1 General Hour

Presenters: Jim L. Acuff & Jason Lafayette
Financial_Auditing_-_What_You_Really_Need_to_Know.png Financial Auditing: What You Really Need to Know
1 General Hour

Presenter: T.J. Boyle
Financial_Statement_Analysis___Cash_Flow_Forecast.png Financial Statement Analysis & Cash Flow Forecast
1 General Hour

Presenters: Paul Parnell & Michael Goswami
How_to_Effectively_Manage_Marketing_Vendors.png How to Effectively Manage Marketing Vendors to Achieve Maximum Return on Investment (ROI)
1 General Hour

Presenter: Stacey E. Burke
HR_How_to_Implement_Best_Practices.png HR: How to Implement Best Practices
1 General Hour

Presenter: Carolyn Witherspoon
Protecting_Your_Investment.png Protecting Your Investment
1 General Hour

Presenter: Cynthia L. Burleson
Business_Ethics_-_Managing_with_Integrity.png Business Ethics: Managing with Integrity
1 Ethics Hour

Presenter: J. Cliff McKinney
Succession_Planning_for_Solo__Small_and_Growing_Offices.png Succession Planning for Solo, Small and Growing Offices?
1 General Hour

Presenter: Kerry Lavelle
Effective_Communication.png Effective Communication: Key to Productivity, Personal and Organizational Success
1 General Hour

Presenter: Dr. H. Steve Leslie
Vital_Skills_for_Innovation.png Vital Skills for Innovation
1 General Hour

Presenters: Laura O'Bryan & Brooke Moore
2019_Arkansas_Tax_Legislation_-_Tax_Reform_and_More.png 2019 Arkansas Tax Legislation: Tax Reform & More!
1 General Hour

Presenter: Matthew Boch
Ethics_and_Campaign_Finance.png Ethics & Campaign Finance
1 Ethics Hour

Presenter: Graham Sloan
Public_Service_and_the_Law.png Public Service & The Law
1 General Hour

Presenter: Dean John DiPippa

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